Michael Gingras

Interested in lots of things, but mainly -- crypto, browsertech, and interfaces.

Writing Ideas Are Not Cheap January 20, 2024 It's common to hear that "Ideas are cheap, execution is expensive". The saying goes that anyone can come up with ideas -- they are a commodity and it takes hustle, grit, determination and skill to execute on them.
Writing Crypto as a New Software Paradigm January 20, 2024 The most compelling aspect of crypto (in my opinion) is the way it changes software development. By offering open data and composable rails, crypto creates an ecosystem for software development that maximizes interoperability.
Writing 2024 Predictions January 2, 2024 Edu, crypto, VR/AR, ML, web dev, society, grab bag
Writing What People Get Wrong About Crypto December 16, 2023 It's currently in vogue to shit on crypto. Some quotes I've heard lately...
Writing Why Start a Blog? March 23, 2023 I've been trying to start a blog for the past 3 years. I love finding the blogs of other developers. I love learning a bit about their personality through the way they've styled their blog, or the way they write. I love learning new things from engineers way smarter than I am. I've always been envious of a great blog.
Writing Framework defined infrastructure March 20, 2023 Modern software development moves quickly, and the ways we conceptualize, design, and deploy software applications have undergone significant change. Among the most revolutionary advancements has been the emergence of "Infrastructure as Code" (IaC)
Writing Nouns as an Idea Machine February 20, 2023 Coordinating a group of people towards a common goal has long been a difficult task. In the quest for an effective solution, the concept of an “Idea Machine” has emerged. The term refers to self-sustaining organisms that contain all the parts needed to turn ideas into outcomes.
Writing 2023 Predictions January 2, 2023 ChatGPT / DALL-E excitement will begin to burn out. Specialists are more in demand than generalists.
Writing Lazy Minting NFTs March 10, 2021 OpenSea is an NFT marketplace that supports Lazy Minting. Lazy Minting (sometimes called light minting) enables an NFT creator to “mint” an NFT without actually declaring it’s existence to the main Ethereum blockchain. This is nice for a variety of reason, but the two I am most interested in are
Writing Indirect Curation September 16, 2019 In the past, I've written about Curation as a Service, an offering in which someone or something would get to know your personal preferences, and would recommend new content \*for you\*. In this post I will describe a new approach - one I am calling "indirect curation" for it's ability to curate without any one actor realizing they are contributing to the overall curatorial effort.
Writing Curation As A Service September 15, 2019 We live in the age of data. I'm not even going to pretend like I know the amount of data that is generated per day, and I'm too lazy to look up the actual number, but one thing is for certain -- its a lot. Alongside this data is an explosion of content. Personal computing devices have made it easier than ever for anybody in the world