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Curation As A Service

September 15, 2019 product

We live in the age of data. I’m not even going to pretend like I know the amount of data that is generated per day, and I’m too lazy to look up the actual number, but one thing is for certain — its a lot. Alongside this data is an explosion of content. Personal computing devices have made it easier than ever for anybody in the world to become a musician (via Soundcloud), an internet star (via youtube) or even just to consume copious amounts of material like they never have before. Commercials are a thing of the past. You can binge watch entire seasons of shows if you want to. The ironic thing about all of this content is that sometimes it can be suffocating. I am sure many people can relate to the feeling of opening up Netflix and having ‘absolutely nothing’ to watch. With so many options, how do you find what you want?

This is why I predict we will see curation as a service in the future. CAAS would be a new service model that tailors internet content to a consumers exact taste.

Algorithmic curation provided by services like Netflix (movie predictions) and Spotify (discover weekly) are half way there, but imagine something to the tune of a ~real live person~ tailoring content to your exact taste. I am inspired by apps like Wilson, which curates a weekly selection of podcasts around a common theme. No more trudging through the podcast top charts before your morning commute! I could also see an element of exclusivity to c.a.a.s. Perhaps consumers would be willing to pay a premium to get access to exclusive playlists. Curation is a legitimate skill, but too many people are simply giving that away for free by making playlists open and available to all.

What sort of business models might exist around curation? Of course, my first thoughts draw me towards crypto, where the concept of a token curated registry exists to rewards curators for effective curation. In this model, curators stake tokens to push content towards the top of a list that the community then validates for effectiveness. As usual in the crypto world, the UX still needs work, and this sort of curation seems most effective in a distributed way, not in a highly personalized manner. For a highly personalized curatorial service, the only model I can think of for now is a subscription model. But more creative models are sure to come. Stay tuned.